• mother care

    Postpartum care after delivery

    For a new mother, postpartum care after delivery of the baby is important. Period after delivery is called postpartum. This period will last for 40 to 48 days. During this period every new mom will go through lot of physical and emotional changes. It is important to take care of mother health during this period to recover completely and get back to pre-pregnant stage. During this phase new mothers will learn how to take care of their newborn. Therefore, it will be difficult for them to manage themselves and baby. There will lack of sleep during and after this period. Sometimes these might lead to depression. So it is necessary to…

  • Amazon Baby Registry – Why parents need to register?

    Whether new parents or going to be parents, it is important to get the necessary baby registry items for your baby. Plan ahead and stock up baby registry items before your baby arrival. After knowing the due date, you will be excited and tensed about your baby arrival. Sometimes it is difficult to go for shopping during your 38th week. Online baby registry is the better way to get baby items. It is a time saver. You can get everything at your place. You and partner can plan and shop items relaxly at home. There are many online baby registries available. Here I am going to discuss about Amazon Baby Registry.

  • transition from bottle to sippycup

    Transition from bottle to sippy cup – Say goodbye to feeding bottle

    Your baby is growing up. There will be lot of changes happening from month to month. Initially they rollover, then crawl, sit and taking first step. These are natural transitions.Similarly, there should be changes in habits too. As a parent you should be aware transition from bottle to sippy cup is necessary for your baby. Find out when is the right time to say goodbye to bottles.

  • Important Baby Registry items

    Important Baby Registry items

    You must be excited on your baby’ arrival. You and your partner must be ready with the list of baby items before your tiny arrives home. In the excitement you will add and add items to your list and it will never end. But there are important baby registry items you should focus on. Here I will list out the necessary baby registry items. Some might have completed their purchase. No worries. Now you can buy the left out items. Importance of Baby Registry Baby registry is to buy list of required baby products before baby arrives home. Setting up your baby nursery is very important. You are welcoming your baby…

  • baby clothes

    Newborn baby checklist -Hospital bag essentials

    Got your due date? I know how excited you are on your baby’ arrival. Are you ready to prepare your newborn baby checklist? Stay relaxed! It is not a complicated task. You are just planning ahead. You have to be prepared with lot of things now both physically and mentally. Though you got the due date sometimes it might be earlier or delayed. When you are prepared with your hospital bag, it makes you relaxed and not to worry when you want to go hospital any time. I was on my 39th week. It was my regular checkup in hospital. My doctor said as water became less baby has to come out…