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    Bosch Universal Plus Mixer in Best Price -Make healthy food for kids

    Giving healthy food to children is the priority for every mother. But children loves outside junk food than home made food. Prepare healthy as well as tasty food for children. Offer yummy home made pizza and bread for your kids. Now making dough is easy with Bosch Universal Plus Mixer in Best Price Bosch introduced Universal Plus Mixer at best price. Known for its performance and exceptional reliability, Bosch takes  food preparation to a whole new level. Product Name: Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Bundle Actual Price: $615 Offer Price: $419 Coupon code: HOLIDAYBOSCH Savings: $196 Warranty: 1 Year

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    Healthy Breakfast – Green gram Crepe

    There are many healthy kids recipes available. Today I am going share one of the healthiest breakfast for kids which is green gram crepe or dosa. Green gram is also called mung bean. Asian countries grow this lentil more. Its’ benefits are enormous. It is highly rich in protein and low carbs compare to other lentils. We can cook green gram as a whole or as a split bean. Sprouted green gram is highly nutritious. It is good to eat sprouted gram along with vegetables. Making crepe or dosa from green gram is very simple and kids will love it. I got this recipe from a fitness channel. Though it…

  • healthy recipe

    Healthy breakfast for kids- Oats Dosa

    Oats are highly nutritious and are rich antioxidant. It is a good source of fiber. It is a filling and healthy meal. Various recipes can be prepared using this. Kids don’t wish to take it directly with milk. Preparing tasty dish out of oats will make kids to eat. I prepare this recipe often not only for my kid but for my whole family.

  • healthy recipe

    Healthy recipe for kids- Semolina /Kesari bath

    Semolina or rava is the grain used for making upma,pudding and various other food. When thinking about snacks for my kid the most easiest and healthy recipe comes to my mind is kesari sweet. My daughter loves kesari very much. I will share the recipe of this snack here.