About the Author

After entering motherhood every women’s life will have a drastic change. So, like mine!

Introducing myself, my name is Kavitha mother of the 2-year-old kid. I was born & brought up in India and living in New Jersey.  My interests are cooking, music and photography. I love playing the keyboard.

I was a carefree woman who really dint had any thoughts on how to be a parent. It is the natural change occurred in me when my baby was born. Sudden responsibilities… rushing here and there with diapers and clothes, crying baby… My new phase of life has begun!

Being a new mom I came through a lot of things when taking care of my baby. As my baby grows I understood parenting is not easy and has a lot of challenges. Every challenge is shaping me as a better parent.

I intend to start this blog to share my experience and beautiful memories of my motherhood.  As a new mom, I got enough support and guidance from my parents and family elders. They guided me all the way to take care of my newborn baby and also myself right after delivery.

Nowadays there are more nuclear families where the new parents fail to get enough information and guidance from their family. In this blog, I love to share all those tips I received for baby care and also parenting tips for toddlers.

I like to help new parents by suggesting good baby and children products which are tested and experienced personally by myself and many other parents.